My husband is convinced that one day he is going to find me crocheted in a cocoon of yarn in my office. I laughed the day he told me but I couldn’t deny it. At the time I couldn’t crochet enough. I whipped through projects like nothing else existed. When I was hit with insomnia I would sit in my office and crochet until I knew I would be able to sleep. It was a major stress reliever in my life. I could crochet, spend time with my husband and get caught up on my TV shows. But it got to be too much. I over committed myself and nearly burned myself out. My hands felt gnarled and ancient. 

I finished all but one project I was working and stopped. I made a promise to myself to pace my projects. This wasn’t a once in a lifetime deal. The yarn would always be there for me to shape into an item with my crochet hooks or my knitting needles.

So now, I am planning my projects for the last part of the year. All to be done for Christmas and only for a few people. I will plan my major projects for each year and do little ones in between. There are so many awesome patterns out there and things I want to make as gifts for others, and for myself. But there will always be great patterns to crochet into amazing gifts.



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