Technologically Dependent

I can’t live without internet. Well I could live, but I would be extremely bored. There wouldn’t be enough books in the world to keep me entertained. Of course I would be outside more, enjoying mother nature and maybe even socializing more.

We were up at my inlaws’ trailer this past weekend. There were several times when I thought, “Oh, I should google that,” and then realized I couldn’t because my tablet didn’t have an internet connection.  Those instances really make me think of how dependent I am on internet and how dependent our society has become on technology.

In the summer of 2003, parts of Ontario, Quebec and New York had a massive black out. After the blackout came the brown outs, days where power was cut to specific areas to conserve power and prevent another blackout. It was a hot summer and the extra strain on the hydro system was just too much. My husband, a friend of ours and I sat in our nice cool basement and socialized. My laptop at the time had a two hour battery life so we watched a movie. When the battery died we chatted and then decided to write a script. We wandered outside at one point and enjoyed the peace and quiet that came with the lack of power. No noisy powerlines, and no music blaring from houses. The streets in our neighbourhood were abandoned. And you could see the stars. No light pollution… just some clouds and some stars.

I have good memories from that time. But if it were to happen tomorrow, I think my experience would be quite different, and not in a good way.


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