Every morning when I wake up

Loki wakes me up every morning at 6:30 am. “Mommy,” he meows, “its time to get up.”

“Its only 6:30, sweetie. Its not time yet,” I always reply. So he makes a ruckus and I kick him out of the room. At 6:50 the alarm goes off. I moan and groan, and drag myself out of bed. I am not a morning person.

Loki follows me into the bathroom (this used to be Thor’s job but Loki took over one day) while Thor waits outside patiently. When Loki’s ready for me to be done he stares at the door. I let him out and finish getting ready. They wait outside the door, sometimes patiently, sometimes not. As soon as the bathroom door opens they bolt down the stairs to the kitchen. I follow, slowly, often groping the edge of the stairs with my feet so I don’t accidentally trip and fall. Its normally dark and I’m rarely awake enough. I feed them breakfast. I trudge back up the stairs to finish getting ready, wondering why I got up in the first place. And so goes the routine every week day. On the weekends, I feed them breakfast, make a tea and trudge into the living room, wondering why I’m awake so bloody early.

What I would really love to do is to get up at 6:30, do some yoga in the backyard and enjoy a steamy mug of Red Rose tea before I start my day. What I really want is to enjoy the morning air in my backyard every morning. What I really want is to get out of this funk I’ve falen in; to become a morning person. What I really want is to be connected again, to myself, to nature and to my spirituality every morning when I wake up.


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