The Joys of Allergy Season

Mornings are rough enough for me. Mornings during allergy season are horrible. Its a wonder I make it out of bed at all.

Of course some seasons are better than others. Sometimes I’m graced with very little allergies and other times, like this one, I am plagued with none stop allergies.

My inner ears itch so bad I want to stick a sharp pointy object down my ear canals and wiggle it around. My eyes become itchy and irritated and I want to claw them out. My nose is on continuous drip and i feel like pluggin both nostrels with wads of kleenex.

It wakes me up in the morning and often, regardless of whether I’ve taken allergy medication or not, I end up with a nasty headache. Thank goodness this only happens twice a year and thank goodness not every season is this bad. Oh the joys of allergy season.


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