New Beginnings

Growing up, September was always the time of new beginnings. September meant back to school, a new grade, new clothes and my birthday. The days were shorter and much cooler, and autumn was just around the corner. Even as an adult, September still signifies new beginnings for me. Its the end of summer and time to start pulling out the heavier sweaters as the nights cool and drop to single digits. The mornings are crisp and the leaves are already turning colours. Autumn is coming and I start looking ahead to Mabon, Thanksgiving and Halloween. It gets busy again at work with the second meeting season of the year, and doesn’t slow down until December. I look at things I can change or modify to make life easier for the winter months.

We’re trying to find a new set up for our living room, one that gives us lots of floor space and seating, while not looking crowded or giving the cats access to wires to chew on. Its been difficult trying to reorganize. The breaker for the front of the house is already pretty loaded and we had one scare already this year when one of the plugs in our bedroom started melting.

Because of this desire to reorganize I’m in to home decor, looking for design ideas for not only the living room but the whole house. This for me, is what has replaced the feeling of back to school and new beginnings.


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