What Makes You Feel Bad? What Brings You Anger, Guilt, Boredom and Dread?

Part of the ‘My Happiness Project‘ series. 

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What makes me feel bad?

Physically, not getting enough sleep makes me feel awful. Having a headache, or lazing around too much makes me feel crappy.

 What brings me anger, guilt, boredom and dread?

There are lots of things that anger me. Personally, I need to get over some of it. Things like people being ignorant, rude, selfish or stupid. People who are consistently rude or ignorant or selfish are toxic. I read a quote posted on Facebook a few weeks back that basically said not to let toxic people take up space in your head. Its true and I’ve been trying to reprogram myself into not getting so upset over things like this. Its slow going but I’m determined to make this change.

There are a few things that make me feel guilty like overreacting; relaxing when hubby is cleaning or cooking even when I’ve already done my chores or its not my night for cooking. Sometimes, I can’t “turn off”. Taking up space/time with something that someone else needs (for example at home taking up the kitchen for cooking when someone else wants to use the kitchen, or the bathroom etc.).

Boredom. When I’m in a group and people are talking about something that I don’t enjoy or can’t provide input on. I often get bored and my thoughts stray. When hubby is playing video games, watching videos about other people playing video games or watching a show or movie I’m not interested in. Sitting around doing nothing. I can’t sit and do nothing. I’m usually crocheting or knitting when I’m sitting down (even if I’m watching a movie or show).

And lastly, what do I dread?

Having to ask someone a question or ask them for/to do something. As an introvert I’m generally very uncomfortable with asking people questions. This doesn’t apply in every instance, thankfully. There are times, at work, where I am very comfortable with asking questions and other times where I have to encourage myself. I’d rather try to find the answer on my own then have to ask someone sometimes. Its a big dread in my personal life. There’s only certain people I’m comfortable enough with to ask questions or ask them to do something.

Phoning people. I hate talking on the phone and having to call someone is not something I enjoy doing at all. If someone calls me at home, I have no problems with it but I have to work up the courage to phone people. Sometimes it will take me an entire day to work up the courage. Sometimes I chicken out and feel very guilty after for not picking up the phone and other times I get enough courage to phone and then it doesn’t seem like such a big deal.

Getting up in the morning on a week day and getting ready to go somewhere. These two are more dislikes. It takes a lot for me to get up in the morning; although with my getting up earlier in the morning during the week and allowing myself time to relax before heading off to work, its not so bad anymore. And once I’m at where I need to go, I’m fine. Its the having to get ready, and then travel that I dislike and dread a little.

What makes you feel bad?

What Makes You Feel Good?

Part of the ‘My Happiness Project‘ series. 

As part of a person’s happiness project, Gretchen Rubin suggests answering a number of questions at the beginning. The first question is: “What makes you feel good?”

What makes me feel good?

1. A hot chai latte in the morning. Its amazing what sugar, spices and warm milk can do for the mood. Inhale the spicy aroma. Take a sip. Let your taste buds savour the spices. Swallow. Repeat until the latte is done. Just thinking about it is improving my mood!

2. Snuggling in a warm over-sized sweater in the winter. In high school I had this over sized pull over sports sweater. It was grey, it was baggy and the sleeves were too long. It was perfect for snuggling on the couch on a cold winter day. Now I have an over sized zipper hoodie I appropriated from my husband.

3. A nice hot bubble bath. Nothing feels better than relaxing in a hot bubble bath. The heat sinks into your skin relaxing tired aching muscles.

4. Going up to the family trailer. Its an hour outside of Ottawa and set in a pine forest next to a beautiful lake. Its very relaxing. Its like a small community. Everyone knows each other. You can socialize or commune with nature all in one day. At night, we build a fire and relax in front of it, enjoying the heat, the dancing flames and the crackling wood.

5. Knitting and crocheting. I haven’t been a crocheter or a knitter for long. But it calms me. If I can’t sleep, I have found that crocheting relaxes me enough that I can fall asleep. Its fun and I love completing projects. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment.

6. Snuggling with my boys. Thor often snuggles with me. He kneads for several moments before curling up against my chest, purring loudly until he falls asleep. It makes me smile. Loki snuggles very rarely its a very precious moment when he does. The conditions have to be just right.  It usually involves a lot of brushing and petting. Sometimes you have to ignore him until he settles on your lap. Then you can pet him. Loki’s purr is a soft deep rumble.

What makes you feel good?