Breaking Bread

Sundays seem to be the day I bake and do any freezer cooking. Right now hubby and I are partaking in the delicious banana bread I made this morning. Yum!

Daylight Savings Time has ended and we turned the clocks back an hour. I didn’t get to sleep in. My two pet boys got me up at 0700 for their morning feeding.

I trudged downstairs and fed the boys. A quick shower, a tea and a 5 minute yoga routine later and I was ready to start my morning. I started with a long search for a good white bread recipe. Pinterest is my go to place these days but nothing was catching my eye. Some of the recipes called for ingredients I didn’t have, while others required the dough to proof overnight. That wasn’t going to happen. I checked the brand of yeast we bought for a company website. They had a simple bread recipe there so I decided to try it out.

This is my very first attempt so we’ll see how it goes. I’ve already made a few mistakes with it and know what I need to alter in the recipe. The dough is proofing on the stove right now. Its the perfect opportunity to update my blog and eat banana bread.

Have you ever made bread from scratch? Do you have a favourite recipe?