How can you build an atmosphere of growth—where you learn, explore, build, teach, help?

Part of the ‘My Happiness Project‘ series. 

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How can I build an atmosphere of growth – where I learn, explore, build, teach, help?

I love gardening, learning, reading and writing. So in terms of growth I want to increase the amount of time I spend in my garden, reading, and writing in 2014. Personally, I feel that my only atmosphere of growth at the moment is at home. So improving my environment at home and how much time I spend on the things I enjoy doing seems to be the way to go.

Work-wise, I fight between pushing myself to do better every year, and maintaining status quo to reduce stress levels. Its difficult because I like to see growth in myself but at the same time I am burning out from the stress. So this year will be about finding balance between the two.


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