January Resolutions Update

Its Saturday, mid-morning. I’m sitting at the dining room table with the laptop, listening to the washer in the basement spin, and the cats play fighting. I’ve already been pretty productive this morning. I enjoyed a cup of tea, built the cats a blanket fort to play in, started laundry and finished reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.

My own happiness project has been going well so far. I’ve been working on my January resolutions. I haven’t been writing every day, but I have been writing more often – several times a week – and I expect this will improve to every day by the end of the month. I’ve been reading every day and I’ve been doing more research (natural home remedies for treating acne, hand exercises for crocheters, how to become a professional writer etc…). I’ve also been updating my blog twice a week.

I’m excited about reading again and I’m looking forward to getting back into my other book, Quiet by Susan Cain. I was halfway through when I picked up The Happiness Project. I have a very bad habit of reading multiple books.

Since starting my own happiness project, I have been generally excited about making positive changes in my life. And while I am planning to make this a year long project, I’m also eager to tackle my resolutions a lot sooner. In fact, its been tough not to start on all my resolutions now. But patience is a virtue and I need to learn to pace myself. I have a very bad habit of trying to do as much as I can as soon as I can and it always ends in disaster with me getting hurt and/or ending up in a foul mood.

An example of that is my love of crocheting. As soon as I figured out how to crochet and that I really enjoyed it, I immersed myself in it. I couldn’t get enough of it. The consequence of not pacing myself and not being aware of my body’s limitation was sore hands and aching joints. I’ve always had issues with aching joints but now when I crochet too much they ache more. I often forget to stretch out my fingers and I often don’t feel the ache until a few hours later. Today is one of those days. I crocheted a case for my crochet hooks last night. It was a simple design and all that’s remaining is to sew on a button for the flap. But my fingers are aching because I didn’t stretch my hands before I started, during, or after. I will be doing stretches today. In fact, I should get into the habit of doing them every day. 

There are a number of things that are not included in my resolutions that I know I’ll end up doing (or bad habits that I’ll end up breaking) as a result of my happiness project. This year is going to be a good year with lots of positive change and energy. 



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