Baking Frenzy!

Earlier in the week we were trying to figure out what to have for our game night on Saturday with two of our friends. My husband asked me to make my overnight French Toast. So this morning, since I was up any ways, I pulled out my beautiful standing mixer 



and put it to work. I made 2 loaves of cinnamon bread and 4 loaves of regular bread 


The cinnamon bread was used in the overnight french toast 


I also whipped up an apple crumble


It took a long time (although half the time it takes mixing everything by hand) but it was a lot of fun. And now we get to relax and role play!


One thought on “Baking Frenzy!

  1. Wow, you have been busy! That all looks and sounds SOOOOO yummy. My Sara just made a big batch of cinnamon rolls, and, gosh, are they GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDD! Most baked goods we do ourselves here, as it’s hard to buy stuff that tastes like we are used to. Sweets here are less sweet than in the US.

    Hugs from Ecuador,


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