March’s Resolution – Lighten Up

Update on February’s Resolution
Its hard to believe that February is already over. I had a few successes and a few failures. I started an indoor herb garden but the herbs have died. My husband thinks they were in the wrong spot. I only managed to add one recipe to my cookbook. I did have a second recipe from a friend but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, due to lack of ingredients. Even though I haven’t started up-cycling yet, I did watch videos on how to use my sewing machine. I hem pants but that’s about it and I never took the time to learn more about my sewing machine. I have done a lot of research too on up-cycling clothes and will do a little more before diving in to my bag of goodies. I also started working on a design for a crochet purse. I’ll be working on the design through out March.

I crochet/knit at work with some colleagues at lunchtime. We formed a knitting club last year. One of my colleagues and I got chatting at lunch one day while knitting and decided we were going to host a knitting/crocheting workshop to make squares for blankets. Our Social Committee sponsored it and its set for next week. Very excited!

March’s resolution
March is all about lightening up. With spring on its way (officially March 20 in Canada) I thought dedicating this month to lighten up was fitting. I complain a lot. More than I should or want to. I’ve let myself be negative for too long and to hold on to unnecessary stress. So my resolution for March includes: quit complaining, let go, sing in the morning and laugh more.

Saturday Morning Musings

I really did mean to write today. To sit down in my office and spit out another 1000 words to the new story I started in January. But instead I started researching how to organize my home office.

It started this morning with me looking at my two herb plants in my glass greenhouse in the kitchen. They’re dying. The Cilantro is all yellowed and wilted and the chives are starting to yellow. Although I enjoy both herbs in food I think they were the wrong plants to start off with. So I stood in the kitchen staring at the plants, wondering if the problem was that they weren’t getting enough light. Which led me to wondering if I should put them up in my office at the window. Which led me to my office and then to me scrunching my nose at the mess. Clothes are strewn all over my orange recliner, totes, bins and boxes are scattered on one side of the room. Papers are strewn about everywhere. The only things remotely in control are my knitting and sewing materials, which are packed away in a couple of bins and boxes by my crafting desk.

My brain immediately started to problem solve the issue and came to the conclusion that I needed a second bookshelf in the room and a plastic multi-drawer organizer for my crafting supplies. The second bookshelf, which my husband had previously suggested to me, would get a couple of the boxes filled with books and binders emptied, and to help tidy up the one bookshelf currently stuffed to bursting with books and papers. Then my brain, having successfully problem solved those two issues, went on its usual wanderings and started to analyze the room, how to keep the computer cords away from the cats, what would happen if I moved the crafting desk and the printer or  if I had more shelves on the wall,  etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. And the writing creativity quietly slipped away replaced with a gleeful brain that was successfully solving the organization issues in the office, or so it thought. The greenhouse wasn’t anywhere in its final image of the nicely organized home office and the original problem was left unresolved.  

But my brain refused to focus on that issue, insisting that the office needed to be organized first before it would even consider finding a place for the greenhouse, because my office is supposed to be my zone for creativity. And how am I supposed to be creative when I’m constantly wondering when that tornado hit the room?

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

With spring only five weeks away (yes, I know, I’m optimistic), I’ve started gathering ideas for my garden this year. Our backyard is interesting. We have a spruce tree in the back right corner of the yard and the neighbours have an oak tree that hangs over into our yard (on the left side). We get a considerable amount of shade, although we do get a little bit of sun around midday. Last year I set up a small garden around the spruce tree, put in some edging, added some top soil, planted a bunch of hostas and a coleus, some impatiens and eventually put down some red cedar mulch to keep the bugs out. 

The acorns dropped continuously in our yard, making the soil super acidic, and the squirrels dug up all of my impatiens and two of my hostas. The coleus almost died before i put down the red cedar mulch. By the end of the summer I knew I had to do the garden completely differently. So this year I am going to start container gardening. I’m going to pull up the plants that survived and put them in containers and place them around the yard. At the spruce tree I’m going to put a squirrel feeder and I’m going to put up a bird feeder somewhere else in the yard (I haven’t decided where yet). I’m going to plant some herbs and other shade loving plants and put peppermint around the plants i want the squirrels to stay away from. I was also thinking of raking up the acorns and throwing them in the green compost bin to keep the yard cleaner. Maybe it will help the clover grow instead of having a big mud pit.

What challenges have you had gardening? Do you have any tips or tricks?

February’s Resolution – Be Creative

January wasn’t as successful as I had hoped. I did read more and was doing some research but I didn’t write every day and I didn’t quite make it to blogging 2-3 times each week. Still, it got me started in the right direction and I’m reasonably happy. I do have two additional writing projects I’m working on that evolved from January’s resolution. I’m excited about both projects, although one will have more of my focus for the next little while. 

February’s resolution, as you’ve noted from this post’s title, is to be creative. I’m going to start an indoor herb garden, add a new recipe to my cookbook each week, and learn how to upcycle clothes. At Christmas I inherited an indoor glass greenhouse. I cleaned it this morning with glass cleaner and now its ready for some plants. The great thing about this greenhouse is that the cat’s won’t be able to get into it or knock it off the counter. Its much too heavy for them to move so the plants will be safe from my little munchers. Over the next few days I’ll be doing some research on what herb to start with – something easy to grow and maintain, that we’ll use in our cooking, and that’s cat friendly. I might even pick up a cat grass plant for the boys.

Do you have any favourite recipes, tips for growing herbs indoors, or any other creative ideas? Please share in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!