Saturday Morning Musings

I really did mean to write today. To sit down in my office and spit out another 1000 words to the new story I started in January. But instead I started researching how to organize my home office.

It started this morning with me looking at my two herb plants in my glass greenhouse in the kitchen. They’re dying. The Cilantro is all yellowed and wilted and the chives are starting to yellow. Although I enjoy both herbs in food I think they were the wrong plants to start off with. So I stood in the kitchen staring at the plants, wondering if the problem was that they weren’t getting enough light. Which led me to wondering if I should put them up in my office at the window. Which led me to my office and then to me scrunching my nose at the mess. Clothes are strewn all over my orange recliner, totes, bins and boxes are scattered on one side of the room. Papers are strewn about everywhere. The only things remotely in control are my knitting and sewing materials, which are packed away in a couple of bins and boxes by my crafting desk.

My brain immediately started to problem solve the issue and came to the conclusion that I needed a second bookshelf in the room and a plastic multi-drawer organizer for my crafting supplies. The second bookshelf, which my husband had previously suggested to me, would get a couple of the boxes filled with books and binders emptied, and to help tidy up the one bookshelf currently stuffed to bursting with books and papers. Then my brain, having successfully problem solved those two issues, went on its usual wanderings and started to analyze the room, how to keep the computer cords away from the cats, what would happen if I moved the crafting desk and the printer or  if I had more shelves on the wall,  etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. And the writing creativity quietly slipped away replaced with a gleeful brain that was successfully solving the organization issues in the office, or so it thought. The greenhouse wasn’t anywhere in its final image of the nicely organized home office and the original problem was left unresolved.  

But my brain refused to focus on that issue, insisting that the office needed to be organized first before it would even consider finding a place for the greenhouse, because my office is supposed to be my zone for creativity. And how am I supposed to be creative when I’m constantly wondering when that tornado hit the room?


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