March’s Resolution – Lighten Up

Update on February’s Resolution
Its hard to believe that February is already over. I had a few successes and a few failures. I started an indoor herb garden but the herbs have died. My husband thinks they were in the wrong spot. I only managed to add one recipe to my cookbook. I did have a second recipe from a friend but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, due to lack of ingredients. Even though I haven’t started up-cycling yet, I did watch videos on how to use my sewing machine. I hem pants but that’s about it and I never took the time to learn more about my sewing machine. I have done a lot of research too on up-cycling clothes and will do a little more before diving in to my bag of goodies. I also started working on a design for a crochet purse. I’ll be working on the design through out March.

I crochet/knit at work with some colleagues at lunchtime. We formed a knitting club last year. One of my colleagues and I got chatting at lunch one day while knitting and decided we were going to host a knitting/crocheting workshop to make squares for blankets. Our Social Committee sponsored it and its set for next week. Very excited!

March’s resolution
March is all about lightening up. With spring on its way (officially March 20 in Canada) I thought dedicating this month to lighten up was fitting. I complain a lot. More than I should or want to. I’ve let myself be negative for too long and to hold on to unnecessary stress. So my resolution for March includes: quit complaining, let go, sing in the morning and laugh more.


One thought on “March’s Resolution – Lighten Up

  1. Sorry to hear the herb garden didn’t make it, but, gosh, you have had LOTS of other successes. I want to learn hot to knit. My grandmother taught me when I was little, but I’ve forgotten how. Happy March!

    Hugs from Ecuador,


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