Sunday Morning

I woke up this morning groggy, tired and wanting to go back to bed. I turned off my alarm and rolled over onto my back, intending to prepare myself to get up. I dozed a little.

The ever so slight disturbance of the bed interrupted my nap. I woke to my cat, Thor, staring at me expectantly. I’d only taken a half hour nap but I had slept long enough that I didn’t try to fight with him for more. And so started the morning routine. His brother, Loki, was waiting outside the door. They take turns making sure I get out of bed every morning. 

We headed down the stairs, the cats thundering ahead, racing each other to get to the feeding station. We have dubbed them the thunder cats. Not because of their names but because when they run around the house it sounds like rolling thunder.

With food set down, I was able to prepare my morning tea. As I waited for the water, I had time to appreciate the morning. The kitchen window was partially bathed in a golden light that slipped between the leaves of our spruce tree. Spring was officially around the corner. And despite the heavy blanket of snow still covering the back yard and cold messy weather promised for the next six days, the warm sun promised spring. “Soon,” it sparkled. “Not yet, but soon.”

The moment ended quickly and it was back to the morning routine. The cats were done eating and already rolling around the floor play fighting. I took a sip of my tea and smiled.