I’m sitting at my sewing station, stitch ripper in hand, taking apart a recently acquired hand-me-down shirt for upcycling. I’m accompanied only by the whirring of one of our fans and the tumbling sounds of the dryer in the basement. My husband is in the rec room playing computer games and I am bored out of my mind, desperately trying to ignore that its a school night and almost time to go upstairs to get ready for bed.

I’m procrastinating. Part of me is dreading tomorrow. Not just because vacation is over and I need to go to work (as much as I enjoy it, I hate the getting up and commuting part) but also because we’re having friends over in the evening for a game session. I was looking forward to it at first but my introvert self is dreading the socializing aspect of it. Its silly really as its likely once we start playing I’ll enjoy myself.

I suspect its because I’m over stimulated. April was insanely busy with Camp NaNoWriMo and my happiness project. May seemed to be better to me with the continuation of my novel writing only on weekend mornings, and my happiness project. As a result of being too tired and over stimulated, June is going to be about slowing down. Its going to be difficult but I’m hoping getting up to the family trailer on the weekends will help.




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