Of Writing and Word Counts

I hit a huge milestone this past weekend. I reached 30, 000 words for my novel which is the half way mark for the final word count total I’m aiming for. Ok, so my word count total right now is 30, 200 words but still, I’m now at part 2 of 5 of my novel. Parts 3 and 4 being editing and part 5 publishing. Its really exciting considering this is the farthest I’ve ever gotten. I started writing a novel before but got so into the weeds and changed the characters and the background so much that it never went anywhere. Fifteen years of writing and its still barely a toddler.

So when I read a blog post about Camp NaNoWriMo I jumped on it. I put my first novel aside and started fresh. No plot at all just three character ideas which morphed and grew and turned into a novel. Did I mentioned how excited I am? So the grand plan is to spend the next three months writing the last 30, 000 words. I’m thinking of joining Camp NaNoWriMo for July and aiming for 15,000 words. If I do that and succeed I’ll reach 60,000 words quite nicely by the end of September. October, November and December are reserved for editing. I’m hoping to publish it at the end of the year/beginning of 2015 but that all depends on how long the editing process takes.

During the editing process, at the end of part 4, I was thinking of having two or three brave souls read the novel and critique it for me. I don’t mean brave as in I think my novel is horribly written but because I think it takes a lot of courage to provide honest constructive criticism, especially to someone you know. So the request for reviewers will go on this blog and Facebook when its time and I’ll take the first volunteers.

In the meantime I’ll be writing, updating Facebook on the word count progress (and maybe this blog too), and reading as much as I can. If you know of any great mystery novels or writers I should check out let me know. Same goes for any articles on writing or editing novels. 

If you have ever aspired to write a story or a novel or a poem or anything at all, I encourage you to check out Camp NaNoWriMo in July. Who knows, you may end up writing a novel!

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