Slow Mo

I fell off the wagon with my happiness project when NaNoWriMo happened and my novel writing took off. Seeing a nutritionist the past few months hasn’t helped getting me back into actively completing my happiness project. But that’s okay. These were amazing tasks to take on and when I decided to do it, I knew something would be put off to the side to make room. Now that I’m on my second draft of my novel, and I’ve settled into these changes I think its okay to get back into my happiness project. Only I’m going to take it slow.

The focus of May was supposed to be slowing down. And since I’ve been focusing on slowing down while eating with my nutritionist I figured it made sense to focus the rest of August and all of September on slowing down in general. The journey I’ve taken with my nutritionist has been amazing and I’ve learnt a few things about myself and my life. The most important thing is mindfulness.

I’m the type of person who loves doing a lot of things and I want to experience as much as possible. That usually leads me to sitting in front of the television after work and crocheting or reading or multitasking in some way. Which usually means I don’t end up paying attention to the show I’m watching.

I’m also not a morning person so I tend to roll out of bed at the last possible minute and then get ready for work. This usually means I’m either running out the door or missing the bus and being late for work. Likewise I’m always in a rush to get home, not wanting to waste my precious moments commuting. I’m only tired and cranky as a result of the rushing.

So as I’m learning to slow down with eating, I’m starting to learn to slow down in life in general and concentrate only on those things that matter most. Plus, if I give myself the time I need in the mornings and after work, and with everything I do in life, I won’t be quite as stressed.

So now its time to experience life in slow mo.

Of Writing and Weekends

I finished the first draft of my novel a month and three weeks ahead of my deadline. Yay! It was such a major accomplishment and I was incredibly happy. I gave myself this past weekend off in celebration. A short break in between drafts as a reward. But all I wanted to do was write. Because I’ve gotten into a groove and as much as there are days when the words fail to spill forth and I get frustrated, I love it. Absolutely, love it. Its all I want to do. And I’ve been writing so long that it feels really weird not to write on the weekend.

So its back in the saddle this upcoming weekend. We’re heading up to the family trailer for three days and the laptop is tagging along. I’m so excited, Friday can’t come soon enough.

Just me and my Coconut

A few months ago, I started seeing a nutritionist. We met by pure chance. And it has been a great experience. When I first started seeing her, she discovered that a lot of the digestive issues I was having were a result of a dairy intolerance I had developed over the years. And while I had gone with lactose-free milk it hadn’t been enough. So I gave up dairy. Completely. And felt significantly better. I tried coconut milk. So Delicious Vanilla flavoured coconut milk to be exact. And fell in love.

My passionate love affair with the fruit grew from there. I’ve been obsessed with finding more coconut related recipes. I bought coconut oil and started subbing it into many of my recipes. I started hunting for anything coconut related on Pinterest and discovered a huge amount of information and recipes. Recently I discovered recipes for homemade coconut milk, flour and butter. There are even recipes for homemade scrubs and lotions. 

And now I’m excited about making food from scratch again. I fell out of it for a bit – spending hours in the kitchen prepping and making meals ahead of time and from scratch. I enjoyed it a great deal but feeling exhausted all the time, and having a pretty busy schedule made it quite impossible to stand in the kitchen for hours on the weekend making food magic. But now I’m excited again, and looking forward to spending a few hours in the kitchen tomorrow. Just me and my coconut.

Poll: Main male character’s last name

I’m getting close to finishing the story; only a few chapters left. Lots of questions are popping up now that I’m starting to focus on the editing portion. I know, I’m getting a head of myself. I can’t help it; I’m excited to start editing.

As I mentioned in my previous post, while doing research I realized that the last name of my main male character was the same as many other mystery novel series characters and decided that was a bad thing. So, I went through all the last names and settled on a short list. I have one I’m leaning towards but I wanted to poll to see what other’s thought. Plus I figured it was a great way to promote my work in progress.

So, many thanks in advance to everyone who participates. I’m looking forward to seeing the results!