Just me and my Coconut

A few months ago, I started seeing a nutritionist. We met by pure chance. And it has been a great experience. When I first started seeing her, she discovered that a lot of the digestive issues I was having were a result of a dairy intolerance I had developed over the years. And while I had gone with lactose-free milk it hadn’t been enough. So I gave up dairy. Completely. And felt significantly better. I tried coconut milk. So Delicious Vanilla flavoured coconut milk to be exact. And fell in love.

My passionate love affair with the fruit grew from there. I’ve been obsessed with finding more coconut related recipes. I bought coconut oil and started subbing it into many of my recipes. I started hunting for anything coconut related on Pinterest and discovered a huge amount of information and recipes. Recently I discovered recipes for homemade coconut milk, flour and butter. There are even recipes for homemade scrubs and lotions. 

And now I’m excited about making food from scratch again. I fell out of it for a bit – spending hours in the kitchen prepping and making meals ahead of time and from scratch. I enjoyed it a great deal but feeling exhausted all the time, and having a pretty busy schedule made it quite impossible to stand in the kitchen for hours on the weekend making food magic. But now I’m excited again, and looking forward to spending a few hours in the kitchen tomorrow. Just me and my coconut.


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