The times they are a-changin

Tomorrow is my last day of work. I’ve been here before but it still feels strange. Friday I felt like I was deleting 4.5 years of my life. I went through my emails and files and deleted all my personal items. There will be a little more of that tomorrow as I empty out my cubicle. Tuesday I go in for a goodbye lunch and cake. It will be my official farewell.

Another change…

Next Monday I start my new job. I have no clue what I’m doing or what to expect. It’s exciting. I’m looking forward to a few days off in between.

And another…

The third draft of my novel is done and with my husband for its first review by another’s eyes. It seems to be going well so far.

And one more change…

One of our roommates gave his two months notice on Friday. He’s moving in with his girlfriend and her family for free. Their goal is to save money and get their own place. Which is great for them but now leaves us in a difficult position. We can’t afford this place without a 4th person.

We might have someone who can move in with us but its all depending on whether its affordable for him. If not, we’re going to have to find our own place. I’d rather not live with a stranger.

We decided to take December to determine whether we’ll have another roommate move in or whether we’ll give our notice. If we give our notice we’ll move out for March. Hopefully more places will be available then and the weather won’t be too bad. Its going to be tough trying to find a place in our price range and big enough for us and our fur boys.

But whatever we decide to do, we’ll make it a good change.

Moving Along

I’m exhausted. I’ve been exhausted all year and even with holidays I haven’t been able to recover. I’m trying to get my eating and sleeping habits in order. But to do that I need a change. So when a friend told me about an upcoming job opportunity I had to go for it. I applied for a project coordinator position at another organization and was offered the job. I start in two weeks.

I’m sad to leave my amazing team.  We get along and support each other so well. But I’m excited and elated for the new job. I enjoy learning new things and I’m eager to expand my project skills. And with the promise of higher pay and little to no overtime,  I know I’ll be less stressed and have the chance to focus on improving my health.


I love Pinterest. I’m on it every single day searching for recipes, crafting patterns, organization ideas, gardening tips etc… I can’t remember what I did before I learned about the website. This morning, while searching for an idea for today’s blog post I found an article that talked about using Pinterest to boost your blog post views. So of course I pinned two of my blog posts to a new board.

Okay so some of you know what I’m talking about and some of you are probably thinking “What the heck is Pinterest?” So Pinterest is a website that you can post links to online posts/articles about anything and everything – gardening, refashioning clothes, food, travel etc. Each user creates a virtual board based on a topic. So say you love gardening. You would create a board titled Gardening. Pins are images that lead to website articles, blog posts etc. You can pin from websites or repin from Pinterest. So you would ‘pin’ links to articles on gardening to your Gardening board. Other people can see your pins and boards, and repin. Simple, easy and super addictive.

So my recent blog posts are now on Pinterest and I’ll get the others linked up over the next few weeks. New blog posts will be loaded after they’re posted.

If you’re looking for ideas for just about anything, check out Pinterest. And while you’re there, check my boards out!