I love Pinterest. I’m on it every single day searching for recipes, crafting patterns, organization ideas, gardening tips etc… I can’t remember what I did before I learned about the website. This morning, while searching for an idea for today’s blog post I found an article that talked about using Pinterest to boost your blog post views. So of course I pinned two of my blog posts to a new board.

Okay so some of you know what I’m talking about and some of you are probably thinking “What the heck is Pinterest?” So Pinterest is a website that you can post links to online posts/articles about anything and everything – gardening, refashioning clothes, food, travel etc. Each user creates a virtual board based on a topic. So say you love gardening. You would create a board titled Gardening. Pins are images that lead to website articles, blog posts etc. You can pin from websites or repin from Pinterest. So you would ‘pin’ links to articles on gardening to your Gardening board. Other people can see your pins and boards, and repin. Simple, easy and super addictive.

So my recent blog posts are now on Pinterest and I’ll get the others linked up over the next few weeks. New blog posts will be loaded after they’re posted.

If you’re looking for ideas for just about anything, check out Pinterest. And while you’re there, check my boards out!


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