Santa Baby

I was in the holiday spirit quite early this year. Chrismas carols hummed absently, the festive to do list started, plans for decorating and baking formulating. Then my family agreed to let us host Christmas this year. We’ve never hosted for my family before. I was excited.

But today I’m a little bummed. My holiday cheer is hiding under the bed. The potential for getting a replacement roommate fell through this weekend and now we have to move. It might be a good thing for us, but its still pretty stressful. It will mean less for Christmas and our savings will be gone. But what can we do? Its never really a good time to deal with the stress of moving.

So I’ll pull my holiday cheer out from under the bed and delve back into Christmas. I’ll plan better and be more creative, and we’ll have a great Christmas. We’ll put aside the stress and focus on the joys of the holiday season. There’s lots of time to deal with the moving situation after Christmas. And maybe Santa will be able to help.