I, Foodie

Food has taken over my life. I eat five times a day; I obsess over how much water I drink; I mourn the loss of dairy and gluten and fight against my cravings to devour them; and I obsess about getting a gluten-free recipe to work that tastes good.

The other night I tried making a Quinoa Garlic “Bread” recipe I found online. I was hoping it would work well as a pizza crust so I could have homemade pizza again. It was horrible. It took an hour to make and turned out very bland. Which seems to be an on-going theme with the majority of gluten-free recipes.

Last night we had friends over. We had planned for homemade pizza and at the time I had hoped the quinoa crust would be my new pizza dough. But after the garlic bread disaster I scrapped that idea and decided to just sub out the all purpose flour in my recipe with the gluten free version.

I love the pizza dough recipe I have. Its quick and easy and it rises very nicely. The dough is fluffy and chewy and very delicious. So I made four pizza doughs – three regulars for Mike and our two friends and one gluten-free. I kept my fingers crossed for mine.

When I pulled it out of the oven it was browned nicely but flat and really dense. When I cut it I was really worried it hadn’t turned out. And then I took a deep breath and took a bite. And it was edible. Edible! It wasn’t wonderful but I could actually eat it. Finally, I had made a gluten-free recipe that wasn’t absolutely disgusting. And now I have hope. Hope that I can make delicious gluten-free food from scratch. And hope, that in time, I’ll be just an average, regular foodie again.