Sixteen months. That’s how long its taken to get this far. I’m working on my second major edit for the novel and its slow going.

After receiving feedback from only half of my beta readers, I decided I needed another opinion. Two responses, while excellent, wasn’t enough to satisfy me. I stumbled across my editor by chance on Twitter. A result of a retweet from one of the many writers I follow on the site. I took that as a sign and went for it.

Now 16 months after starting the novel, I’m slogging through her edits, revising the subplot, and expanding the story. It’s taking a long time and it’s challenging, but I’m happy with the results.

Honestly, I think it will take two years to publish the novel. I wanted to do it for the fall, but if I wait I can take my time finishing the novel and all the tasks leading up to publishing. I can research more on print options, save up money for a publishing package, and/or look at unique promotional materials. Too many benefits to ignore.

So, spring it is. As much as I want to get it out this year, it seems a smart move to wait. Another smart move would be to get back to working on the novel. I’m such a slave driver! 😀