Blank Pages

The blank pages haunt me. They chase me through the maze, chanting over and over, “you’ll never fill us. We’ll be blank forever.”

Laughter echoes around me. I reach a dead end. There’s no time to turn back and find another way. I hear the rustling encroach. Shadows dance off the walls. My heart hammers.

“You’ll never fill us. We’ll be blank forever.”

I scramble into the corner, knees pulled to my chest and hands over my head. My face is wet.

The laughter grows louder. The rustling draws nearer. A soft melody drifts in.

I bolt awake, cheek wet from drool, piece of paper stuck to my face. The cursor on the monitor blinks at me. The electronic page is blank. A cool breeze escapes through the window and rustles the pages of a paperback novel.

My playlist displays a new song playing. I gulp cold tea and lower my fingers to the keyboard.

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