Writing Update

We’re three-quarters of the way through 2016 and the holiday season is only 2 months away. Scary!

This year has been crazy busy with vet appointments, get-togethers with family and friends, errands, and crocheting. My writing life has been equally busy with writing and revising my manuscript, writing a short story, researching self-publishing and reading.

The more I research, the more I realize that if I want to turn my writing into a career I need to start treating it like one. And spending four hours two days a week clearly isn’t enough. So a new plan is in order.

While I’m figuring that out, let’s take a look at where I am with the writing goals I set at the beginning of the year.

1. Publish my mystery novel

Okay, so this one isn’t happening this year. I sent the manuscript out for a second edit, then decided I needed another set of eyes to take a look. So it went out for a third edit and now I’m working on those revisions. A fourth round is required. It’s going to take me a bit to get through those edits. The book needs quite a bit of polishing before I’ll be happy with it. It means waiting longer to publish it, but the end product will be a great book that readers will enjoy. I’ll also be able to save up more money for editing and for the cover design. Plus I’ll be able to learn from the editing for this book to create a more polished book 2 draft for editing.

2. Focus on other types of writing such as flash fiction, short stories, freelancing etc. by working on at least two projects.

I wrote the first draft of a short story. I’m going for a similar feel as the novel. I need to flush out the background and setting more but it’s a great start.

Last week, I started another short story. If I can get this one done in a month and a half, I’m going to submit it to a short story contest. Keep your fingers crossed!