Daylight savings, self-care, and writing

Daylight Savings ended last weekend and I’m still having issues adjusting. It’s thrown my entire week off; a week that was hard enough to get through without that added time adjustment. I still wonder what’s the point of having Daylight Savings at all when things are thrown into chaos twice a year. Is it really worth it? Some years, I can’t help but wonder.

Self-care is important but I have to admit I’m not good at it. I tend to push myself until my body has had enough and insists I slow down. However, I took a few weekends off recently to sleep in, relax, and play Skyrim. I’m obsessed with that video game now. We got the remastered version for the Xbox One and I’ve sunk so much time into playing. I’m enjoying it immensely and I have a new distraction that helps me relax.

After a brief time off I’m back to my writing routine on the weekend. The novel is coming along. I’m working my way through all the edits, and hope to have it finished in a few weeks. Unfortunately, I’ll need to put it aside for a bit while I pull funds together for another round of edits. On the upside, I’ll be able to focus time on my short story and my second novel.

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