Saying goodbye to 2016

2016 was not a great year for me. Chaos reigned and I experienced disappointment after disappointment. But I made it through and I couldn’t be happier that it’s coming to a close.


1. Round 2 of editing was frustrating. Some of the feedback was good but some of it took me in a direction I didn’t want to go. I also misinterpreted some of the feedback in round 1, removing a lot of backstory. Based on round 2 feedback, I added most of it back in.

2. I’m not as far in the publishing process as I wanted to be. The novel is in better shape but I was hoping to send it for another edit. It didn’t happen. And now the novel is on hold until the summer when I can pull together the funds for more editing.

3. I didn’t do well with social media. I spent a good part of the year ignoring my blog and Facebook page. I just couldn’t focus on it. I didn’t do too well on Twitter either. I’m struggling with my author brand and what I want to say.

4. I missed submitting to a contest I was interested in. I worked on one short story I was hoping to finish in time to submit to a short story contest. But I stalled part way through and couldn’t get the ideas flowing for it. I shelved it for now.


1. I found a new editor. She was able to go through my story and provide a lot of great feedback. I finished revising the manuscript and it’s ready to go back for another round. I’m going through a lot of editing for this first novel but it’s helping me improve my writing. I know I won’t need quite as much with the second and third novels.

2. I found a writing buddy. One of my colleagues at work heard that I was writing and asked to be writing buddies. This has been working out great and we’re continuing with it in 2017.

3. I got draft 2 of my first short story done. It’s with my writing buddy for review and feedback in January. She’s encouraging me to write more short stories. Not only will it improve my writing but I’ll have stories to submit to contests and journals. When I’m done editing my novel, I plan to set up a new website. I’d like to use a short story or two to entice people to sign up.

4. I joined a writing group and a monthly chat. So far it’s going great and I expect both will help me a lot in 2017.

How has 2016 treated you? Was it better or worse than you thought?