From down this low it’s only up we go

“Everyone here is ready to go. It’s been a hard year with nothing to show. From down this road, it’s only on we go, on we go. Everyone here is ready to go. It’s been a hard year and I only know from down this low it’s only up we go, up we go.” — Lights, Midnight Machines

Last year was a hard year for a lot of us. Read my previous post to find out the challenges I faced in 2016. But 2017 is going to rock! I’m gonna make it rock. Even if I have to drag it kicking and screaming I’m going to make 2017 my year.

My husband and I are moving to a new place. It’s smaller but we won’t have a roommate. We’re decluttering and downsizing. We’re getting rid of negativity and embracing change. It’s stressful and a lot of work but it’s worth it!

For the past few years, I’ve yearned to become a full-time writer. To shed the daily commute and the cubicle. It will come one day but not for a few more years. I’ve decided to focus on building my non-writing career so I can support my family and my writing. Weekend mornings will continue to be dedicated to weaving stories and building my author platform.

What am I focusing on this year? Here are my writing goals for 2017.

1. Write short stories.

Last year, when my first novel was with my editor I decided to write a short story. It was a rewrite of a script I wrote for my theatre course years ago. I decided I wanted to turn it into a short story. I changed it to 1st person and added a new character. It’s currently with my writing buddy for a second review and I want to finish it by the beginning of spring.

My writing buddy suggested I write more short stories. I started working on a second short story in December and the first draft is in progress. I plan to work on three more after this one — one each quarter.

2. Work on my Hawkins-Flynn Mystery series

I’d like to send novel 1 back to my editor for another review. But this is dependent on if I can get the funds together. In the meantime, when I’m not working on short stories, I’ll be working on draft 1 of novel 2 in the series.

3. Improve my online presence

I’m not great at maintaining a consistent presence online and I want to work on that this year. I want to be more active on Twitter and my blog by posting to both on a regular basis.

4. Publish my stories

I’m not going to aim to publish novel 1 this year. If I’m able to great, but it’s not the focus. I want the novel polished. And I don’t want to rush it or feel bad for not getting it done. Instead, I want to submit my short stories to writing contests and/or literary journals. There’s a chance they’ll be chosen and published. If not, I can look into publishing a book of my short stories.

Have you set your goals for 2017? What are you focusing on this year?