I’ve been quiet on social media the past few months. In September I started Introduction to Project Management, the first course of the Project Management Studies program at Algonquin College. The course is intensive and monopolizing my time so my writing is on hold while I focus on homework and assignments. Thankfully, there’s only 6 weeks left of the course before I’m back to writing.

Why am I taking a Project Management program? I want to write full-time. Unfortunately, it’s going to take a while. To build my writing career as an indie-author and publish my books, I need to be able to fund my writing. Progressing in my weekday career will help me with that.

What about my writing? I have several writing projects on the go. Novel 1 of the Hawkins-Flynn mystery series is with the editor. Over the summer, I started novel 2 of the series and a mystery/noir novella based off a short story. To satisfy my writing craving, I’m working on micro stories during my course. The stories are 500 words or less and are available on my Facebook page and Ello.

While you wait for my first novel, check out my micro stories on Facebook or Ello!

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