Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous new year’s day! My husband and I rang in 2018 with family and friends. We played video games, had intriguing conversations on world affairs, and stuffed ourselves silly with delicious food. We had a great time.

Today, we’re lounging around at home relaxing. It’s also the first day of a 365-day writing challenge I signed up for during the holidays. In the fall I took a three-month break from writing to focus on the first course of a Project Management program I’m taking to progress my project management career. The course went well and I learned a lot. I’m taking another two to three courses this year. But I missed writing. I missed it enough that I wrote a few micro-fiction stories. The writing challenge, 100 words every day, will keep me writing even during the other courses but won’t be overwhelming.

2018 Goals

Last year, I wrote several short stories, worked more on my mystery series, and worked on my online presence. In addition to continuing work on my mystery series, here are my goals for 2018.

  1. Work on a noir-mystery novella
  2. Work on a fantasy-mystery novella
  3. Blog once a month

I’m turning the two short stories I worked on in 2017 into novellas. One is a noir-mystery and one is a fantasy-mystery, both set in Ottawa. I’d like to expand on them and I think they’d work well as novellas. There is potential to turn one (or both) into a series. These goals will also give me a lot to work on as part of the writing challenge so if I get stuck on one story I can switch to a blog post or another story to refresh.

Hawkins Flynn Mystery Series Update

My manuscript is back from my editor and she has a lot of great feedback that will improve the story. I’m looking forward to revising it.

What are you looking forward to in 2018?