Book Review: Mario Coming of Age

Mario Coming of Age, by George Hatcher, follows a young man, Mario, growing up in East Los Angeles with his aunt in the 1960s. She works hard to provide a good life for her nephew and he does his best to stay in school and away from the gangs.

When Mario finds out his aunt can’t afford their apartment anymore, he decides it’s time to become a man and take care of his aunt. At 10 years old, he finds a job and learns he has a talent that could help people and make him a lot of money.

Hatcher weaves an intriguing tale of loyalty, love and betrayal, as we follow Mario through his struggles and successes, balancing expectations, school, work and friends. And while I thought there could be more to the story, I enjoyed it and look forward to reading more from Hatcher.

Book Review: Woman in Jeopardy

My goals for 2016 include focusing on other types of writing. When an opportunity came up to write a book review, I decided that would be a great way to start on this goal. In addition to posting book reviews to websites such as Amazon, Indigo and Goodreads, I’ve decided to share them with here as well. I hope you enjoy!

Woman in Jeopardy by George Hatcher is a gripping tale about a courageous woman fighting to protect her family.

Carmen lives with her sister, Elena, in a house that’s been in their family for generations, in the small town of Nogales. To support herself and Elena, she’s forced to work for Francisco, the local crime boss, at one of his factories. He’s an evil man who abuses and terrorizes his employees. And he always gets what he wants.

When Elena and Francisco fall in love and get married, Carmen is unable to protect her sister and soon finds herself running for her life.

Hatcher has weaved a suspenseful story with strong characters you love, and love to hate. A great read that keeps you captivated to the end.

Check it out on Amazon and Indigo.