1. I am writing a mystery novel called Long Way Down.

2. I enjoy editing.

3. I could not live without the internet.

4. I am a GEEK and very proud of it.

5. I want to shift my career to writing and editing.

6. I am looking for volunteer editing opportunities to gain experience and build my portfolio.

7. I enjoy drinking tea.

8. I currently work as a project coordinator.

9. I enjoy crocheting.

10. I enjoy gardening.

11. I am writing a novella called The Adventures of Addlesy, Michael Addlesy.

12. I have several micro stories posted on my social media sites.

13. I love science fiction, fantasy, horror and mystery.

14. I am a Trekkie.

15. I love watching action, horror, sci fi and fantasy movies.

16. I consider myself an 80’s kid.

17. I think Nathan Fillion is ruggedly handsome.

18. I have no children but have two male cats who I consider ‘my boys’.

19. I love Shawarma.

20. I am a Virgo.

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